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  • ​5 Word Categories to Stand out: Analytical Skills, Problem Solving, Innovation, Money Saved or Earned + Leadership

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After working with LaKiesha Tomlin, I became aware of some mistakes that I didn’t realize I was making. 

By getting the perspective of my approach from someone with experience as a hiring manager, I was able to see things from their perspective and change my approach. 

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- Jarrod B., Cybersecurity Engineer
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- Walter S., Aerospace Engineer
  • 3 Resume Templates 
  • ​+ 3 Cover Letter Templates
  •  Scannable For Recruiters + Hiring Managers: Each design makes it easy for a recruiter or hiring manger to scan your resume quickly and easy for them to read.
  • ​ Increasing your likelihood of being moved to the hiring manger.
  •  Easily Highlight Your Accomplishments: This design makes is easy to put all of your hard work on display 
  • ​Making you stand out.
  •  Simple to Use: Each template comes with fonts, and editable word document so you can add your own text in minutes!
  •  Expert Design: Modern design to bring your resume into the 2020's
  •  Customizable: Use your favorite colors and fonts. 
  • ​We recommend clean fonts, similar to Arial and Helvetica

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